echoisweird on the Internet ?


I always capitalize the word “Internet”. I’m not completely sure why. I guess it just feels like a proper noun to me. In the beginning I did it subconsciously when texting, but then my phone caught on and has been capitalizing it ever since.

in internet we trust

I love the Internet. It’s the pride and joy of humanity thus far. It’s a collection of all human knowledge. It’s a well of information, a community, a career option, and a place overrun with porn and cats. Given the amount of time I spend on the Internet, at this point, I can’t imaging life without it.

I grew up with the Internet, and by that I don’t just mean that I’ve had the Internet all my life. The Internet began to gain popularity in 1990 and I was born in 1991. The Internet and I grew up together, meaning that I am just about as old as the Internet. When I am an old lady, I will tell my children (or more likely my sister’s children) that I grew up alongside one of the most ultimate creations of human kind.

One of my first usernames was Akakoneko, which is the grammatically incorrect way of saying “red kitten” in Japanese. I used it on Neopets, DeviantArt, and YouTube (mostly). Aside from that, the only other username I had as a preteen was EchoOfHope on RuneScape. I loved that game.

When I was a junior in high school I made a Twitter with the Username EchoIsWeird. Later I made a Tumblr by that username and it just stuck. It’s a name that essentially sums up my existence. I’m weird.

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