Pumkin & Squib

I will admit, figuring out what my OTP (One True Pairing) is has been very difficult because the cartoons and shows that I’m obsessed with can change by the hour. So although I can’t guarantee that this is my OTP for life, AT THE MOMENT the two characters that rule over my weird brain are Pumkin & Squib.

Baman Piderman

For anyone who doesn’t know, Pumkin and Squib are two characters from the series Baman Piderman by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera on the MondoMedia YouTube channel. The show has been running off and on again since 2009 and only has 3 seasons (2 complete seasons). After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the series is set to finish at the end of season 3, but is still ongoing. (Ongoing veeeeeeery slowly)

So Let’s talk about the Characters!

Just Pumkin


I love him. Pumkin is the one character with the most personal development throughout the show. Beginning as a simple vegetable, he gains hands & feet and must learn to navigate the world. Despite the fact that he has no face and is mute (because pumpkins can’t talk) his personality and innocence vibrantly shine through like the blinding morning sun in Phoenix when you forget to close the curtains the night before.

It slightly seems like he has the characteristics of a shy older brother. He takes care of almost every other character at one point or another. He is a beautiful pumpkin too good for this world… Too pure…

Just SquibSquib

Squib is a genderless, abstract figure who is also mute. Despite being a giant pile of tentacle-like squiggles, squib has just as much body language as any other character. Squib begins to develop feelings for Pumkin and vice versa. 

Their relationship is like nothing I’ve seen in any other cartoon, animation, or show. Even though they never speak to each other, they express their feelings in beautiful, simple actions.

pumkin and squib hug

I would consider them my one true pairing because over time, I’ve found myself going back to the show and falling in love with them over and over and over again. What relationship could be more perfect than that of a Pumkin and Squib.  ♥

Pumkin & Squib
Also, I would drink 3 cups of marinara sauce for a Pumkin Plush doll…


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  1. WOW. Just to say you are an amazing artist and I hope to draw just as good as you. You can find me on instagram (not to self promote) at SyndyMC. But just so you know, you are as awkward, cool, weird and funny as me! BTW I LOVE YOUR HAIR. I may be young compared to you, but you are like my whole inspiration! <3

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