The Blogtastic Blog Begins

I’ve never had a blog before, but I feel like this is a good place to empty my brain on a regular basis. Even though I’ve never had a blog, I did use to have a bit of an internet following when I was younger. I use to make screenies on when I was 13 under the username Akakoneko. For anyone who doesn’t know, screenies are screen capture comics you put on your petpages. It’s complicated. Don’t ask, just look: Akakoneko’s Screenies
2 famous

I even had 8 comics published on the website in the Neopean Times (a children’s newspaper put together by users of the site). I loved that website. It was where I first learned about HTML, CSS, and how to use analytics. I had an average of 300 users looking at my screenie pages every day. As a chubby, 13 year-old girl, it made me extremely happy. I honestly felt like I had a small ounce of internet fame. I even had “fans”. Eventually I had to block my inbox because I was getting so much fan mail.

My greatest regret from the good old screenie days was my absolute over use of Comic Sans. I made everything in MS Paint and in some ways I loved working with limited tools. There’s something very rewarding about making something from almost nothing.

Aside from NeoPets, I use to run a webcomic in 2014 called Have a Little Giggle. I ran out of hosting space and the website disappeared into the virtual void. At some point, I plan to bring it back. That or I’ll just end up reposting all the comics as blog posts here.



In conclusion, I feel that I am thoroughly qualified for this position and would greatly appreciate your consideration as the operator of this blogtastic blog. I can do this.


Echo Gillette

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